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Word of Wisdom from Rabbi Langar in Honor of Passover

“Why is this Passover different than any other Passover from the past that you remember?

This year most people will have a Seder celebrating with one or a few people. Whether a person is in their own home or in assisted-living or a nursing home the joy of Passover is diminished because of the COVID-19 virus.

With all that said we welcome Passover and we must embrace it with Hope. There is much being done to combat COVID-19 and I am filled with faith that success will come and we will be victorious. Passover 2020 will be a memory and with it new and inspiring stories.

Our history teaches us that God freed us from the slavery of Egypt. It’s a commemoration of deliverances and the message of freedom stirs the soul.

Passover is a holiday beloved by the Jewish people. Its customs vary from place to place but the Seder is the central theme. There is order and direction. The Haggadah the ‘manual’ for the Seder reaffirms confidence in God’s concern for Israel and humanity. May this great festival of freedom bring us the best that life can offer, good health of mind, body, and soul.”

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