“In our Creative Corner group today, I had a great time making a sand art mandala. I am so pleased with my stay and recovery here! Thank you, Jewish Home!”

Betty Dreyfus

“I cannot thank you all enough for what you did for me! I have been at The Jewish Home for almost 2 months and I am also a retired Nurse, and I would like to say with all my heart how amazing the staff at The Jewish Home are. The nurse’s aides Andre, Larry, Melanie, Mercedes and Ashlee. The nurses Donna, Brandi, Lourdes and Josephine. The Therapists Apollo, Meg, Kash, Paige and Jordan. The Social Worker Samantha who helped me with my discharge plans. Thank you to every single person who helped me regain my strength and keep my mind going!”

Patricia Shapiro

“I don’t want to leave! This was my second time here and the staff all treated me like I was their mother! I don’t even want to leave, so this is very bittersweet for me. Thank you to all my Therapists, Aides, Nurses, Housekeepers and Dietary!”

Phyllis Rullo

“I have been here for three years, and the people here are just beautiful. You meet a lot of nice people here; the residents and the staff. It was my decision to come here for a long-term stay, and I’m very comfortable. It’s the truth hon, I do not have one complaint with the nurses or the aides. My room is always clean and the food is good. I really am happy here. Always been active- there’s always something to do and always someone to talk to.”

Deloris L.

“I receive physical therapy and occupational therapy five times a week, sometimes six! It’s amazing! Working with Jordan and Nikki for the last two weeks, I have made so much progress. I came here from Staten Island because I know this is the best place to get me back on my feet.”

Catherine Modico

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