“Thank you to the staff at The Jewish Home for Rehabilitation & Nursing! Everyone was cordial, friendly and receptive. My stay was extraordinary and everyone was focused on patient care. The meals are excellent and served warm and on time. This is a special hidden restaurant here in Freehold! The nursing staff was extremely accountable and responsible. They went out of their way to make sure that each patient receives the care they deserve.”

– Stuart Kolko

I’m so happy I found The Jewish Home for Rehabilitation & Nursing!

My doctor, Dr. Snepar, recommended that I go to a facility for IV antibiotics and some rehabilitation. At the time, I had a friend who was also getting rehabilitation at The Jewish Home and said he really liked it. I had an excellent experience at The Jewish Home for Rehabilitation & Nursing, from the care the nurses gave me who attended to my IV to the aides who helped me with my daily activities. If I rang my bell, I never waited longer then 1 or 2 minutes. The staff was so friendly and caring. Therapy was also very good and helped me gain my strength and endurance back.

– Marjorie Schochet

“I came to The Jewish Home almost two months ago after being in the hospital. I had no knowledge of who I was and no memory. I attribute all my recuperation to The Jewish Home and their staff and management. I would not be able to go home if it wasn’t for all of them. They brought me back to myself. The care is excellent – the management and workers can’t be beat. If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t have been able to regain my memory, strength, and mobility to function like I did before I came to The Jewish Home for Rehabilitation & Nursing.

I thank everyone for their help. I’ve been in other Rehabs before and I was never treated as well as I was at The Jewish Home!

– Gwendolyn Meisner

“I’ll never forget my experience at The Jewish Home. The atmosphere is a pleasure and nothing like a rehab – it’s more like a vacation. I encountered many employees and I could not choose the best because they were all excellent. Not only well-trained and disciplined, they afford the care and comfort that I have never found by another rehab, and I’ve been to a few.

They care personally for each patient and I will personally miss everyone that cared for me at The Jewish Home. I can honestly say it is hard to leave such a wonderful place.

– Patricia Cheesman

“I chose The Jewish Home for Rehabilitation & Nursing after experiencing complications at another facility. I am extremely happy with my rehabilitation progress. The therapists treated me with the highest level of dignity.
Thanks to my Rehabilitation Team I will be able to meet my goals towards recovery. The nursing staff was excellent and took very good care of me.

– Mischa Stollman

“I came to The Jewish Home for Rehabilitation & Nursing for subacute rehabilitation after having a Total Knee Replacement at Jefferson Health North East Hospital in PA. I knew I was in good hands with my Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Booth, one of the top knee surgeons in the country. To my surprise, my fiance found The Jewish Home for Rehabilitation & Nursing in Freehold just around the corner from my house. I cannot express how unbelievable the rehabilitation that I received was. My therapists, Michelle and Preston, worked together to explain to me what we were doing every step of the way. They are so patient and caring, yet also firm, and got me back to walking! The staff was so kind and helpful and met all my needs.
Thank you Jewish Home for all you do!

– Larry Karper

Truly An Authentic Jewish Experience
“I selected The Jewish Home for my ongoing care as I was advised by your marketing team that The Jewish Home is deeply interested in being a significant influence in landmark rehabilitation and nursing care for the Jewish community at large, in addition to fulfilling The Jewish Home patients’ and residents’ high standards of kosher dietary requirements and providing a traditional Jewish synagogue led by a competent Orthodox Rabbi to enhance and guide patients’ spiritual practices during the process of a FULL Shabbat And Yom Tov experience and beyond. This then was the deciding factor to recover at The Jewish Home.

I wish to take this opportunity to thank the Administrator of The Jewish Home for the cordial reception I received upon my arrival from the hospital for a period of recuperation, exceptional nursing, and rehabilitation care.

I found my room to be very clean and comfortably appointed, and I especially appreciated there was no pause or hesitation on behalf of the dedicated nursing, rehabilitation, dietary and rabbinic staff to ensure that the personal attention I required for my care would be accomplished.

I am sure I will recall with pleasure my rehabilitation at the Jewish Home. I wish to extend my heartfelt appreciation to Rabbis Josh and Michael for making my Succos experience so meaningful and inspiring.

Congratulations to The Jewish Home on your initial accomplishments and my prayerful wish is that with G-d’s help you go higher and higher.

With Gratitude,
Mrs. Rivkah Schneirson

“I was in another facility prior to coming to The Jewish Home for Rehabilitation, and the therapy here is fantastic. People are so friendly and the food is delicious, I feel at home. I’m happy mostly about the night shift, 11pm-7am. The staff always answer my call bell, and they try to help me go one step and beyond!”

–Joram Heilbronner