Case Studies

Covid/Cardiac Recovery Outcome

86-year-old unfortunate male (C.D.) admitted to The Jewish Home after a 5-day hospitalization at Old Bridge Hospital S/P admission for acute hypoxic respiratory failure, Bacteremia and Bilateral Covid 19 Pneumonia. He has a history of CHF and Hypertension. He had AICD placement one month earlier.

Clinical Care Interventions:

Monitor Fluid Balance– weights monitored daily and Lasix dose titration
DVT Prophylaxis– Coumadin daily
Medication Management– Amiodarone, Metoprolol, Coumadin, Lisinopril
Treat Infection– Ampicillin IV for Bacteremia
Monitor Labs, Vitals and Diagnostics– EKG, CMP, BNP and INR
Wound Healing– Left Buttocks
Maintain Adequate Oxygenation– patient is new to oxygen at 3 lpm upon admission.
Emotional Support and Grieving– Loss of his wife while a STR patient with us

He was followed weekly in the center by Garden State Cardiology; He had a follow up ECHO conducted on site and weight management remained stable.

At time of discharge, Patient is ambulating 75 feet with a roller walker and climbing 7 stairs with bilateral handrails.

Patient returned home with his daughter after a 22-day LOS in Short Term Rehab. He was new to oxygen therapy on discharge and set up with Ocean Home Health. He will continue to follow with PCP, Dr. Matthew P. Terranova, Jr., in the community and home health services will be provided by Old Bridge Homecare.

Ortho Rehab Case Study

77-year-old female admitted to The Jewish Home after a 7-day stay at Jersey Shore University Medical Center with admitting diagnosis of S/P Right Hip Fracture. Patient has a history of Anemia and Thrombocytopenia. The Orthopedic Surgeon caring for the patient is Dr. David Polonet with University Orthopedists.

Clinical Care Interventions:

Monitor Labs – CBC, CMP and Iron Panel weekly
Monitor and Care for Surgical Incision Sites– Staples removed at F/U Ortho appointment on day 18 of her stay
Maintain Safety– History of Fall
Maintain Pain Free
DVT Prophylaxis
– Lovenox
Medication Management– Iron, Omeprazole


Patient progressed to make gains in therapy. Upon discharge, she was ambulating 60 feet x 3 with roller walker and supervision for safety.

After a 19-day Length of Stay in Short Term Rehab at The Jewish Home, Patient returned to home with Excellence Home Care, her son and supportive daughter. She will be followed by PCP’s Dr. Shalom and Dr. Weinstein.

The Care at The Jewish Home is #NEXTTOHOME

Cardiac Rehab Case Study

91-year-old male admitted to The Jewish Home for Rehabilitation after a 7-day Hospitalization at Centra State with admitting diagnosis of Acute Hypoxic Respiratory Failure and palpitations. His medical history included Hypertension, Renal Failure, AFIB, CAD and Bradycardia.

Nursing Interventions:

Monitor Fluid Balance– Daily weights, Lung sounds every shift, Chest Xray to r/o CHF
Maintain Proper Nutrition– Dietician educated on good food choices, NAS regular and thin liquid diet.
Monitor Labs– Weekly BMP, Mag level BNP; Reviewed by Cardiologist.
Medication Management– Lasix increased to 40mg daily; Diltiazem HCI ER 240mg daily, Prednisone 20mg daily.

Reviewed weekly at Cardiology Lead IDT by Dr. Aaron Van Hise


Upon admission, Patient required maximum assistance with all self-care tasks. He Participated in extensive therapy 5 days a week. During his stay he was able to demonstrate marked improvements in his gait and able to ambulate over 200ft with rolling walker. He improved with his ADL’s to Independent.

Patient returned home with VNA services after 59 days LOS in STR. He was Managed In- House without any Unplanned Discharges. He is followed by PCP, Dr. Shetty in the community and will also continue to follow Cardiologist in the Community.

Ortho Rehab Case Study

89-year-old female admitted to The Jewish Home after a 5-day stay at CentraState Medical Center with admitting diagnosis of S/P Left Hip Intramedullary Nailing for Intratrochanteric Fracture. Patient has a recent history of Anemia, Congestive Heart Failure, A-Fib and Pneumonia.

Clinical Care Interventions:

Monitor Labs: BUN and Hemoglobin Weekly
Monitor and Care for Surgical Incision Sites
Maintain Safety: Multiple Falls
Treat Infection: Ceftin for Pneumonia
Monitor Fluid Balance: Lasix titration based on In-house Diagnostic CXR
Maintain Adequate Oxygenation: Oxygen at 2 lpm via nasal cannula as needed for hypoxia
Maintain Pain Free
DVT Prophylaxis

Reviewed weekly In-House by Orthopedist, Dr. Gregg Berkowitz.
Dr. Berkowitz weekly oversight assisted with advancement in her mobility while allowing for the convenience of care on The Jewish Home’s Campus.

Patient progressed in therapy ambulating 30-60 feet with roller walker and contact guard for safety. Patient returned home with Husband and Supportive Daughter. Daughter ultimately decided Mom was a lot to care for at home and chose
Long Term Care “with her family at The Jewish Home”.

Patient returned to The Jewish Home under the general care of Dr. Ayesha Chaudhary and Physiatrist, Dr. John Georgy.

The Care at The Jewish Home is #NEXTTOHOME

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