A Passover Short Story

Jews are a special people, no use denying it. The Rabbi of Berditchev knew this better than most.

One year, the day before Pesach, the Rabbi asked that six silken scarves and six loaves of bread be brought to him at once. People searched the whole town and returned with six scarves, but not one loaf of bread.

The Rabbi held the scarves in his hand and said: “Master of the Universe, the czar forbids the importing of the scarves. He has soldiers and policemen to help enforce this law. But, here are the scarves, somehow smuggled across the border.Master of the Universe, three thousand years ago You commanded Your children not to bring bread into the house on Pesach. You have no soldiers or policemen, yet there is no bread to be found in all of Berditchev. Truly, Your children ARE special!”

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The Urgent SNF™ Service supports a global healthcare expectation for the right provision of care in the right place at the right time.


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